Pictures Of Genital Warts

Please remember that some cases in the examples below are very severe, and these are not necessarily what the early signs of genital warts will look like for you. Most always, any cauliflower like growths are genital warts, but often flat warts or the very thin bumpy type can be another virus such as HPV. An easy way to test and remove them from the courtesy of your own home without seeing your doctor, is to try the apple cider vinegar remedy, but make sure you don’t forget to add the secret sauce that makes it work!

Genital Warts Pictures In Men And Women

Use the different types of pictures of genital warts and HPV below, to see if your genital warts symptoms happen to be similar. Please note that some cases of genital warts vary in nature, and can commonly be confused with genital herpes. However a full-on genital herpes outbreak looks totally different than the cauliflower like growths of HPV. Below we have pictures of genital warts on men and women, and several inside and outside the vagina, as well as on the penis shaft. It’s very common at the onset of HPV that you do not necessarily have any symptoms of full-blown genital warts. You may experience a redness or itching in the genital area, and then begin shaving like you normally would and notice that it seems like you nicked yourself, or are bleeding in a couple of areas moreso than normal. This can be caused by small genital warts that you haven’t noticed yet, being scalped by a razor unbeknownst to you. If this happens, it’s very important to quit shaving immediately, as continuing to do so will expedite the spreading of your genital warts. Please see the general genital warts treatments page for HPV treatment options.

Pictures Of Internal Genital Warts

Here you will find pictures of internal genital warts.  Some will show what genital warts look like inside females (interior of the vaginal canal), while other images primarily show what they look like on the exterior of the vagina.


Female Genital Warts Symptoms And Pictures

It is very common among women to wonder if internal genital warts are a symptom of their condition.  It’s very difficult to analyze, as you will see from a couple of the photos below where the vagina has been folded inside out and a medical cam was used. You may click each image to enlarge.  Please remember that some cases here are very severe, and these are not necessarily what the early signs of genital warts look like.  Genital Warts typically only reach this point if left untreated.

What Do Genital Warts Look Like?

Genital Warts Pictures Early Stages

Genital Warts In Men

Genital Warts Symptoms In Women

Genital Warts In Vagina

Most women are unaware of the symptoms of genital warts in the vagina. And rightfully so, as women usually aren’t sitting at home with medical cams waiting to examine the interior of their body. Most of the time, genital warts have to be very severe to have internal and external symptoms, but it that were the case, you can see a picture of genital warts in the vagina below.

Please use discretion when viewing these images. To see external genital warts making their way inside the vagina or anus, please see a picture of genital warts on women.

Genital Warts On Thigh

It’s very uncommon for genital warts to run down the thigh, as they typically originate right next to or insde the genitals.  However it is the right moist environment that they tend to thrive in, so it is possible you may have symptoms on your thigh.

Take a look at a few pictures of genital warts (even genital warts on thigh pictures, a common misspelling for thigh pictures) to find out if you have the correct symptoms.  For more pictures of genital warts, please see our female genital warts pictures.

Pictures Of Small Genital Warts