Genital Warts Treatment

There are several different ways of treating genital warts depending on how stubborn the infection is. These warts are transmitted through sexual contact with an infected person and the treatment has to be given to both partners to ensure that there is no recurrent infection which will make it more difficult to treat. A clinical diagnosis of the cause of the warts should be determined before treating the warts.

Some of the methods of treating genital warts are: Podophyllin resin and podofilox lotion can be applied to the warts but has to be washed off in about 4 hours. If it causes irritation of the skin then it should be washed off earlier. This treatment removes the warts by stopping the growth of cells in the warts and has to be repeated several times to be affective. It should be applied by a qualified medical practitioner like a doctor or a nurse as it can damage the skin and tissues in the surrounding areas. Podofilox can be applied by the patient even at home and this has to be done at least twice a day for around three to four days.

Other forms of treatment are cryotherapy where the wart is frozen with liquid nitrogen but cannot be recommended for children. Laser treatment and cauterizing the warts are other options, and finally the warts can be removed surgically with a local anesthetic given in the area.

Whatever the method of treatment, both partners should be treated, so that they do not re-infect each other.