Genital Warts Symptoms

There are generally no symptoms for genital warts except for the development of the warts. This is caused by the human papilloma virus more commonly known as HPV and is spread through sexual contact with persons who are infected. Many women have the infection without any external symptoms of the problem. There is no visible sign until a few weeks after the person has been infected and sometimes there are only hard spots which are small and are visible. The warts can appear even a few months after the infection has set in.

In women the warts can appear on the vulva, in the walls of the vagina and around the rectum. Sometimes warts can appear on the cervix and are seen as lesions which are not visible in the beginning. Warts can be itchy but have no pain or any other sensation. This viral infection can be diagnosed with a pap smear in women.

Unlike women, men do not get many warts with HPV. These warts appear on the penis, the shaft and on the scrotum. Warts on the rectum do not mean that the man has had anal sex but the warts spread to these areas from other genital areas. Sometimes persons who have had oral sex with those who have the infection can get warts in the throat and around the mouth. The only symptom happens after the appearance of warts and this is itchiness around the area.